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Author Topic: 1953 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series 220 Sedan  (Read 1682 times)

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1953 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series 220 Sedan
« on: May 14, 2011, 11:04:15 PM »
1953 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series 220 Sedan

Here is the story for this vehicle. It is a perfect little project or can be parted out as these car have parts that are rare and expensive. I just don't have time or funds for this car with other projects. This car came into my father's possession back in 1987. His friend bought it in North Carolina. He had it registered in Florida and the car worked. In 1988, he had to leave the country back home and gave it to my father to store it. For over 10 years it was in my father's hour garage and then for the remaining years in his company's warehouse. During this time, the care was never driven or powered on as the owner had the keys in another country. After storing the car for few years, his friend just told him to keep the car not to pay for the storage fees. My father has kept this car the whole time always wanting to restore it. Both him and work are BMW enthusiast, but know nothing about MB. When I convinced him to sell it, I did research and tried selling it locally and found out all the details about this car. The car is in km and I converted it to miles for this ad. I do not know if the mileage still works. The engine in the car is from a year or two later model. I did receive the build sheet from MB directly but being from 1953, the micro fiche has been damaged. I can submit it with the owner. It was original a 6-volt system and looks to have been converted to 12 volts. The original color looks to be Stone Gray which has changed and looks to be the bottom half. Might have been white but it is faded and looks beige. You can still see the original color from inside the car under the broken areas from the headliner which looks to be original. Most of the interior is intact including the radio. Of course no idea what works. The interior looks to be recovered in the burgundy color at one point and the dash trimming repainted. There is mostly surface rust that can be taken care of by a decent body shop. If you buy this car for a complete restoration, it will be a great starting point as the shell is still intact. The listing starting price is what I convince by father to let it go for. You are more than welcomed to see it in person or ask questions. Here are the only negatives. The car does not come with the keys which can easily be obtained and there is no title. We considered doing a mechanic lien but since we do not want to keep it, we do not want to spend the cost or time for it. Like I stated before, this can be an excellet project car or even better parts car. Buyer has to arrange for shipping of the vehicle. It does not run on it's own power so need to be put on a trailer. Deposit of $200 has to be sent via Paypal within 48 hours after auction's end.

Happy Bidding!!!