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Author Topic: 1953 MERCEDES-BENZ 220 SEDAN  (Read 1809 times)

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« on: December 06, 2011, 03:59:07 PM »

1953 Mercedes Benz 220, W187 Saloon

It’s 1945 and WWII has ended.  Germany starts to slowly rebuild out of what was left from the bombed out cities.  The Occupational Forces restricted passenger car manufacturing to a 4-cylinder engine and Mercedes Benz started where they left off in 1939 with their 4-cylinder 170V model.

1951 manufacturing rules were relaxed and Mercedes Benz showed the world their model 220 W187; a 6-cylinder car with a lot of design features including an overhead valve engine with overhead cam, one shot lube system (where you press the hydraulic lube piston every 600 KM and pronto the car was ‘lubed’ again – all the ball joints and drive-shaft points).

Car has been in California with only 64361 KM shown. Chrome has some pitting.  Interior upholstery covers have been replaced a few years back. The engine was overhauled with less than 1000 miles(8 years ago)A complete Barn find in Palo Alto California, New Water pump, Radiator hoses and reconditioned Generator, Reconditioned Radiator and Fuel tank, Extra parts included. The car runs and drives smooth with no pulling or shaking in freeway.

A great example of Germans built car.