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General Discussion / body wood for 170Da
« Last post by BrianWelton on November 23, 2020, 11:25:51 PM »
Anyone with a breakdown of the wood used in the body of a 170D OTP?
General Discussion / Re: 170V frame
« Last post by JCA Tacoma on November 14, 2020, 12:21:34 PM »
Absolutely a Cabriolet A, B, or Roadster frame. This is the correct frame for these cars.
General Discussion / Re: Fuel Filter Vehicle will not start
« Last post by JCA Tacoma on November 14, 2020, 12:18:18 PM »
I have two suggestions. First, check the fuel selector valve and make sure you have it in the correct position. Likely you do if there is not a restriction in the line. Next, remove the top of the fuel pump. There is a screen filter that catches the sediment from the tank.  Your fuel pump may have a push lever to work the pump. Work the lever to see if fuel is flowing with the fuel pump cover removed. You can also do this by turning the engine over with the starter. you can also crack the fuel line to the carburetor and crank the engine. Fuel must come out. If not you likely have a failed fuel pump. Simple to repair with a repair kit. Finally check the carburetor float and valve system once you know fuel is coming out of the fuel pump. Start at the source and work from the source forward in the system.
Technical / Jack Bracket Mounting
« Last post by John Nguyen on October 30, 2020, 03:38:34 PM »
Hi all,

I'm trying to re-install this item (assumed it is Jack Bracket) in the Trunk area (170s Cab-A)
if Someone can help to send pictures where it mounted (details as possible please)
It would appreciated very much.

John Nguyen
General Discussion / Re: Fuel Filter Vehicle will not start
« Last post by Michael Bonnar on October 24, 2020, 04:56:35 PM »
Hello Ted, I will have my brother-in-law check that on his next visit, thank you!

General Discussion / Re: Fuel Filter Vehicle will not start
« Last post by Ted on October 24, 2020, 04:23:00 PM »
Did you check the fuel float in the carburetor? Maybe it does not open and so the carb is not filled and works with the extra poured fuel only?
General Discussion / Fuel Filter Vehicle will not start
« Last post by Michael Bonnar on October 23, 2020, 03:52:10 PM »
I have a 1950 170S Cabriolet B, we are having a very difficult time starting the vehicle. My brother-in-law is a gifted mechanic, he removed the fuel pump and we found that was not the problem Next he blew air through the fuel line, we removed the gas cap and found that there were no restrictions in the fuel line. When we pour gas into the carburetor the vehicle will start until that gas is burned off.
We were checking the fuel filter, we think that we had the correct filter, where is that filter located?
We know that we have gasoline in the tank, I would apricate and all suggestions.

Thank you,

Mike Bonnar


Lambertville, Michigan         
Classifieds / 1960 190b Binz Wagon
« Last post by Henry Magno on October 22, 2020, 10:21:58 AM »
I realize that this is off topic, but this is an unusual vehicle, so I post it here in case there is any interest.

I've been asked to sell a 1960 190b Binz wagon with steel sunroof for a customer. It is a project car. He decided to sell rather than go ahead with work on the car. Since the original intention was for me to work on the car, I made a detailed evaluation. Please contact me directly if interested. henry at magnorestorations dot com
Technical / Re: Fuel Pump
« Last post by Marc1340 on October 03, 2020, 04:29:08 PM »
Hello Michael

On my opinion just two points before searching a carburator issue  :

Point 1
Our M136 fuel pump is working on two »axels » the debit and also the pressure
Did your mecanician had verify the two points ( seem only the debit...) ?
For your perfect information ( sourcing MB repair manual )
The pressure head is 0,19-0,24 atm
The delivery  36 L/h at the camshaft  speed of 1500 rpm and a float valve of 1,5 mm dia
The fuel feed pumps are gauged at a suction head of 0,75 m

Point 2
My own 170S is running at this time (perfectly) with an electrical fuel pump , if you want to test your mechanical pump , you can find an electrical pump and do the test without the mechanical pump...

Hope it can help you
Best regards
Technical / Re: Fuel Pump
« Last post by Michael Bonnar on September 29, 2020, 06:29:47 PM »
Thank you Scott, I will have my brother in law check that out, I apricate your impute!   
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