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Technical / 170 S indicator arms
« Last post by WernerJ on February 28, 2021, 01:32:46 PM »
The right sided indicator does not go up and light up anymore. How do I go about fixing them? Please help!


Technical / Re: Workshop manuel
« Last post by WernerJ on February 28, 2021, 01:30:55 PM »
Hi Malcome!

Sorry I took so long to reply. Many thanks for the link.


220 / Re: Cab A vs. Cab B: which to get?
« Last post by jreinan on February 15, 2021, 07:25:24 PM »
Scott, thanks for the quick reply.  Funny -- I just happened to see the article on your car in the back issue of the Star!  Great story, great family history with that car.

I agree that the back seat might be a more useful feature to me than the sportier look and higher price of the Cab A.

Thanks again!
220 / Re: Cab A vs. Cab B: which to get?
« Last post by Scott Montoney on February 15, 2021, 06:27:24 PM »
I own a Cab B.  You've hit some key points in your summary already. 
The wood can be a concern, and very expensive to repair.  So if you're not sure of the condition, be careful.  Maybe someone can offer input as to what to look for to evaluate the condition of the wood frame members. Something about door sagging and alignment is just one thing.
I don't know that I'd even call the rear bench of the cab A a "seat" at all.  I'm glad to have the full rear seat for my use. I like the option to take more than one extra passenger.
The Cab A does have more chrome trim, and the dash is covered with the same leather as the interior, where the Cab B is painted.
There were fewer Cab B's produced, but the Cab A is probably considered more "sporty" so I think that makes it more desirable and more costly.
220 / Cab A vs. Cab B: which to get?
« Last post by jreinan on February 15, 2021, 02:39:13 PM »
I'm looking at a couple different Cab A's and Cab B's for sale. From what I can tell, the main differences are that the Cab A has some wood in the frame, a smaller back seat, and no back windows.  The Cab A is also about 30% more than the Cab B, and is probably more attractive with the top up.  Is the fact of all-steel construction of the Cab B something to consider, e.g., less of a risk of wood rot? Just trying to decide, I suppose, whether there is a good reason to spend extra $$ on getting a Cab A.  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks!
Classifieds / Rear knob seat handle wanted
« Last post by John Nguyen on February 03, 2021, 03:28:48 PM »
Hi all,

Is there Any body had this item extra available for me to purchase.
1 Rear knob seat handle for Cab-A.

Postwar 170S / Re: Engine problem...!?
« Last post by Ted on December 21, 2020, 10:30:30 AM »
At least you now everything is clean and fixed :)
Postwar 170S / Re: Engine problem...!?
« Last post by twigren on December 11, 2020, 02:55:51 PM »
Dear friends,

Sorry for late reply! (I have had lots of work and no time for the garage lately...)

Just wanted to give an update on this problem - which once found was the most EASY thing...
Initially I focused on carburator and/or fuel pump issues and (again) had everything down to details.
Cleaned every single part, replaced sealings and remounted in perfect conditions.

Went for a testdrive and things worked fine for a start, but suddenly again occured!!!

After some VERY detailed inspections I found the actual problem.
The fuel line (rubber) between pump and carburator had been "melting" from inside. The rubber was basically like chewing-gum and of course blocked the flow.
Replacing the line to proper things solved everyting :-)


Technical / Re: Jack Bracket Mounting
« Last post by John Nguyen on December 09, 2020, 05:10:30 PM »
Can any Body get me some good pictures at the trunk latch area where this bracket located.
Thanks in advance.
General Discussion / Re: Radio replacement advice please
« Last post by Scott Montoney on November 30, 2020, 05:47:04 PM »
Well, I recall a conversation a long time ago about this subject.  There were lots of options, depending on how much you were willing to spend.
Here is a link to one site that has 6v and 12v radios for specific MB models.  Just something to be aware of.  I believe there are other similar sites, but this is the one I happened to have a link to.

I have also seen a radio that was installed under the passenger seat.  It had a 6v to 12v converter and I believe it had a remote control.  I don't recall if the remote was wired or wireless.
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