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Postwar 170S / Re: Brake problems..
« Last post by Scott Montoney on May 10, 2020, 08:52:54 PM »
Thank you for the information.  Yes, the rubber hoses can cause problems.
Do you happen to know how old the bad rubber hoses are? 
I'm just curious, and it may make others consider checking their lines very carefully.
I don't know if there is a recommended replacement cycle.
Postwar 170S / Brake problems..
« Last post by twigren on May 08, 2020, 03:12:52 PM »
Had the most strange problems occuring on back brakes.
Everyting is renovated is renovated into bits and pieaces.
All brakes are working fine, at least what I was aware of.
However, when driving I can hear  one of the back brakes lock (however I determine which one, as it change over time..).

Decided to look into details, and was so surprised.
Master cylinder has been renovated once, with bushings repleced and cylinder reconed etc. Its as close to OEM it can ever be. The same with the brake cylinders. They are all renovated with coning, new bushings and things are really OK.
Nevertheless, when bleeding the brake fluid I discover a VERY strange behaviour.
The brake cylindrer is pressed out, but when preassure is gone it is still there.
Brake springa are obviusly not able to return the brakes!!??

I have (almost...) gone crazy and put apart all cylinders, went through all bushings, checking for leaks, bleediing all brakes (several times, and again..) but havent found any proböems.

Until NOW!

Obviously the rubber brake hose has ”melted”, as rubber does over long time.
The inside diameter should normally be 0.5mm (free level),  but in my case it was more or less zero!!!!
The brake flyuid (with enormous preassure downwards..) managed to het out, but was’nt returning after preassure was released.
I cut the rubber line and found out this. Look at the photos.

This week I bought new lines, and suddenly my back breakes are working!!!
General Discussion / 170Va trafficators
« Last post by Mohsin on May 08, 2020, 07:03:37 AM »

I need to buy trafficators for my 170Va 1950 model. I see them come up on eBay from time to time.
Can anyone tell me the exact size of the ones original to the 170Va. The size of the outer housing the flag light that popped out and the spacing between mounting screw holes.
I have seen random pics on internet with many types fitted to the 170V.
Which ones were originally fitted, was it Bosch, SWF or Siemens.
Would appreciate if someone can post pictures of the original along with the dimensions.

Technical / Re: 170S-v B-Post Question
« Last post by Scott Montoney on April 23, 2020, 10:24:11 AM »
I can not answer your question directly, but I believe the service manual  for the 170S has a section on the Body and how to replace entire sections.  It might have some information, or even some photos that might offer some insight?
If you don't have the service manual, there is a PDF copy in our Documentation section of the web site.
Technical / 170S-v B-Post Question
« Last post by Ken Coupland on April 22, 2020, 05:41:11 PM »
Hello 170 220 Team,
Returning here after many years (was on the old forum a long time ago)
I have owned my '53 RHD 170S-v since 2000, but sadly since its purchase I've done nothing with it...
Houses, Kids, Horses, Divorce and Work all seem to have gotten in the way of man's time alone in the garage with rusting tin!
Luckily, 20 years later the 170's survived all the above and is still tucked away safely at the back of the garage. (although I've actually not seen it for about five years, but I know it's still in there...)
So, why am I here again now?
Well life's getting sorted, Houses are (almost)!) finished, work is tickling along, wife no.2 is happy, horses are gone and kids are off happily doing their own thing, so now at 50 I'm hoping to move the 170 from the garage where where it's been all that time into the workshop....
I'm not saying I'm going to start work on the car this year, if I get it moved so I can see what I've bought all those years ago and make a plan of action for it's return to the road then I'll be more than happy (last on the road in 1992) 
So 1st question (of many probably) for you experienced 170'ers
How is the "B" post held into the car?
I can't get to my car as yet to see, but do remember it's got a kink at the bottom as my car's been involved in an small accident at some point in its distant past, the trailing edge of the front wing and leading edge of the back wing are probably an inch thick with bondo and it looks like the lower door hinge has taken a knock at the same time hence the misalignment.
I'm just staring to make a list of parts required, I have picked up quite a few bits over the years but now the real spend begins...

Any help gratefully received.
Ken Coupland
Sunny Scotland.

220 / Re: Engine loss of power going up steep hill.
« Last post by Scott Montoney on April 20, 2020, 08:27:52 PM »
The fuel pump has been rebuilt, and road testing indicates that all is well again.
The volume of fuel looks to be much increased, and a bit higher pressure as well.
The only thing I could identify as the probable issue was that the two rubber valves inside the pump were quite hard compared to the new ones.  Probably not providing a good seal.

I'm considering a modification, but will discuss it in a new post once I dig into the details.

General Discussion / Re: sindelfinger emblem
« Last post by George on April 14, 2020, 07:50:21 PM »
Thanks Scott and Thomas for your help!
After some deep searching on the 170V.DE forum I did find a photo with the measurement I need posted by Georges B. Looks right judging from the photos I have collected so I will mount it like that!
220 / Re: Engine loss of power going up steep hill.
« Last post by Marc1340 on April 12, 2020, 06:01:18 AM »
Hello Scott
I share your point of view on keeping the original elements at all costs.
After this first thought, it quickly comes to mind that you can drive quietly without reserving half of your trunk for the  toolbox, not to mention the sympathetic thoughts of your wife when you are on the side of the road broken down ... .
For my part I am ready for many sacrifices not to hear it during 560,000 kms !!! not you?
Maybe it's because you don't know my wife ....

The electronic ignition system's in 6 V for example are of a very beautiful aspect in conformity with the original, ditto for the coil, the sight of the engine is not spoiled and especially it is about a reversible operation

The assemblies of an electric fuel pump (always in 6 v) are done in a discreet way and also reversible if necessary ...

Have a nice day
220 / Re: Engine loss of power going up steep hill.
« Last post by Scott Montoney on April 11, 2020, 09:49:28 PM »
Yes, I've considered those "upgrades", and have explored various ways to do it without altering the look of the original parts.
However, she is still running on original design parts, and has over 560,000km. 
On the other hand, I do take her on long trips from time to time, and I do need reliability as well.  I carry a good supply of tools and parts in the trunk.
220 / Re: Engine loss of power going up steep hill.
« Last post by Marc1340 on April 11, 2020, 07:44:50 PM »
Good evening Scott

Excuse me for pointing you to this problem when you identified it yourself.
According to the values that you noted, indeed the membrane seems a little tired.
By acquired and although I do not know the history of your beautiful car, would there not be a hold under the supply pump ? ( to reduce the pressure ...) you never know ...

As purely friendly advice, (don't see any mischief), I allow myself to recommend to you (I do this for the oldies I frequent at home), the mounting of an electronic ignition (+ Coil + amplifier) as well that the installation of an electric gasoline booster pump.
So equipped your beauty will never let you down
I also read these recommendations on our sister site 170.DE

Stay safe and take care
Best regrds
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