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Author Topic: It's back....  (Read 1527 times)

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It's back....
« on: January 03, 2009, 10:11:39 PM »
the Guestbook that is........
I found a way to restrict the permissions so that a guest visiting can sign our book and leave a comment.
I'm currently loading some comments we've received in the past.  Up to this point, our guestbook was on a separate application, and periodically someone would add spam (never did quite enjoy the taste of that meat :) and I would have to take the time and go in and delete that entry.   

What is really disturbing, is that within the past year, even though I would ban the address, the spamming was getting really fluid ( subjects of prescriptions, pornography, job opportunities, etc...and it appeared they were making the entries "remotely".   Recently I discovered there is software offered called "Guest Book Crawlers"  which opens up this gateway to universal spamming.   Here's the marketing blurb on it: 

There are millions of guest books on the web! Imagine, that only a little part of them have your link. The software enables you to post to many guest books. You are searching in search engines for guest books and the software is submitting the link. You must care for the submission of every link, if you do it manually. You can set the software to auto pilot. You
start it and wait how many links the software ubmits.

After reading this, I was bound and determined to get away from the usual guestbook type software.  Yes, we may get the occassional spammer (they are idiots wanting to waste their time and ours, but don't dispair, our trusty and attentive moderator, Des, will squash any potential spam within minutes. 

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