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Author Topic: a couple of changes coming soon  (Read 1566 times)

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a couple of changes coming soon
« on: February 08, 2009, 08:47:02 AM »
I am getting requests from owner members/subscribers to add more images of their cars. A reasonable request, considering there are several profiles (interior, exterior, rear, sides, front, engine, etc...) that are enjoyable to view.   Unfortunately the member gallery only allows 1 image.   The gallery works fine for admin to upload an image of a car owner (especially in those cases where a subscriber is not as active on the forum or needs help, etc..).

As a work-around for this problem, the admin staff has decided to make 2 changes: 

  • we are now allowing a car owner to upload images and information (such as projects, history, etc) in the Production Variants Category (according to the specific model of your car)

an example of this, is one I posted on behalf of a member this morning:

  • we are going to increase the allowable size  and number of uploaded images;  for the present time, to monitor what happens, I have set the number of images to "no limit" and the size to "no limit".  This will enable 2 other effects (1) it will no longer limit 10 images in one post, so Des, the prolific poster that he is, will no longer need to load 10 images and then add successive reply posts for other images.   (2) it will probably serve as a function for those who want to load huge PDF files of manuals (versus setting up FTP)
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