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Author Topic: anonymous FTP  (Read 1545 times)

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anonymous FTP
« on: February 08, 2009, 09:16:33 AM »
well this week was interesting with the site being down for some time.    It all began in my efforts to set up FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to allow some requests from members to "share" and upload huge PDF files (of manuals).

I successfully setup the "anonymous FTP" but after testing, was not happy with the results.
  • First, "anonymous FTP"  allows anyone coming to the site to upload something.   Even though I set restrictions for PDF only, meaning a hacker, if he/she wanted to violate the security with a virus, would have to develop one in a PDF, which I don't think is possible, since its not an executable file, they could still load all sorts of junk
  • Next, I discovered the anonymous FTP would not produce a listing of files uploaded, so that was no good, and would prevent the viewable sharing and downloading, unless there were separate announcements
  • and next, there was no active registration setup, so anyone, even a non-subscriber of the forum, could upload
  • Finally, after testing other independent software (freeware) for uploading direct to our server, I got disgusted and went to plan B. 
  • I decided, since we in admin are feeling warm and fuzzy about having lots of server space and the setup of the next attachment folder for 6000 more images.....maybe the best idea was to un-restrict the size of uploads on the FORUM itself.  We'll see how it goes.  The first person to upload 50 images though, is getting a visit from the "Forum Police". :)