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Author Topic: 1937 Mercedes-Benz Other 170V  (Read 1702 times)

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1937 Mercedes-Benz Other 170V
« on: February 10, 2010, 08:54:02 PM »
1937 Mercedes-Benz Other 170V

Do to the loss of storage I am parting with my 1937 170 V project car.
This car has an interesting history:  originally manufactured in Germany it went from there (presumably with it's owner) to central America, where it was kept running
and functional for many, many years. Before the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of Vintage Mercedes parts suppliers it was actually harder to get parts for a car like than it is now; especially in Central America.  Because of this fact the car has some modifications from stock, including: the AC Delco 12 V generator, the voltage regulator, non original
headlights and tail lights, the air cleaner, some of the door handles, the addition of some extra gauges on the dash, and the replacement of some of the other gauges.  At some point during the 1980's the car made its way under its own power to Northern California in where it was treated to some repairs in the transmission. Basically the car has been off the road since that time.  After
acquiring the car I removed the fuel tank to remove the rust, patch a small hole, and replace the added electric sender with the correct mechanical fuel sender. After doing this the car was started and run for a short time where it ran smoothly and sounded good.  The person who did the work on the car in the
1980's stated that it would most likely require additional work to properly repair the head bolt holes in the block. So be aware that even thought the engine runs it may require further repairs to make it 100% reliable.
As you can see  the interior was redone some time ago and is in OK condition.  At some point the wiring harness has
also been redone.  The body is in fair shape considering the age of the car with a crunch in the right front fender and a dent in the left rear door. The box channels are badly rusted but that is the only significant rust.  The bottoms of the doors are also partly rusted through.  The emergency brake
has come loose from the back of the car also. As you can see  all of the chrome will need to be redone.
Most of the parts needed  to restore the car back to original are now readily available, the bumpers, grill, hub caps, generator and gauges can all be found with relative ease.

Please ask any questions and if you would like to see additional images. The car is located about 100 miles for the Port of Oakland if over seas transport is a concern.