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Author Topic: 170S 4 door 1953 for sale - $4,000 USD  (Read 1758 times)

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170S 4 door 1953 for sale - $4,000 USD
« on: April 01, 2011, 06:03:49 AM »
170S 4 door 1953 for sale - $4,000 USD

Details for Mercedes-Benz 170S 4 door 1953 for sale
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Type: 170S
Coach: 4 door 
Year: 1953
Price: USD 4000
Advert ID: 52901
Viewed: 301

When we got this car years ago we were told this is a 1953. It is a very solid car with little rust, complete except for the following: no motor, radiator, grill, or light bezels. There are a few tiny dents and dings on an original green unmodified car. All wiring appears to be intact.It has a cloth interior that could be serviceable as is. All glass is good. Brakes worked to load and un-load the car from a trailer. It is a nice solid car - it just needs someone else to finish the project. If you had the correct gas engine you could be 'on the road' soon with this car.
The car is kept in St Paul MN, USA. This is an official “ocean port” for purposes of shipping and very central to major truck shipment routes. The buyer will need to make all arraignments for the cars transport. We are not in the shipping business; nor are we a “go-between” for a shipper. The buyer will need to arrange to pay the shipping company directly.
We regret no being able to finish the car ourselves, but we have had it for years and it may be time to let someone else have a \"go at it\