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Author Topic: ORIGINAL 1953 Mercedes Benz 170 S-V  (Read 1694 times)

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ORIGINAL 1953 Mercedes Benz 170 S-V
« on: September 12, 2011, 10:49:16 PM »
ORIGINAL 1953 Mercedes Benz 170 S-V

Up for auction is a fabulous vintage 1953 Mercedes Benz 170 S-V sedan in primarily original condition. Body of car has original paint with minimal surface rust and a few scratches, has been oversprayed with galvanized primer to prevent any further rust, original trim needs re-chromed, original tires and hubs including spare, is missing one of the beehives off the back. Interior has original upholstery and head liner, original glass, all in very good condition with no problems noted, fully operational window cranks and door handles. Will need carpet which was a royal dark blue. Dash looks great with no cracks, etc., odometer shows 75,230, not sure if this is miles or kilometers. Vehicle has original engine, transmission (4 speed on the wheel) and re-built generator. Engine is complete but will need the air cleaner re-wired. Updated installed parts include new 6 volt cooling fan, battery and alternator, rebuilt heater core, rebuilt master brake cylinder, rebuilt starter, gas tank has been boiled and cleaned, new 6 volt electric fuel pump, new plugs, points, condenser distributor and plug wires, radiator has been rebuilt, has new rubber boots on the rear end, front wheel bearings have been cleaned and re-packed. Vehicle will need new wheel cylinders. There is an after market owner's manual, purchased approx. 4 years ago, as well as some uninstalled parts which include fog lights, re-build kit for brake cylinders, and stainless steel brake hoses.