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WIT - November 2013


John Ellis:
The November WIT will be revealed on the 2nd this month because I am out of town.  Look for it on Saturday, sometime before 10AM PST (pacific standard time).

John Ellis:
Pictured below is the November WIT?  Be specific.

The first person to answer correctly by posting here will win a 170/220 logo golf shirt.  If you won in the previous months, you can participate for the fun but please email me your guess so that others can win.

Good luck!!!!

Stephen Dietrich:
Post for holding down the rubber mat, knopfschraube, #4 on the attachment

John Ellis:
That was quick!  It is indeed the post the holds the front rubber floor mats at the upper outside corner.  There is a corresponding hole in the mat. Congratulations Stephen!  Send your shirt size and the delivery address to me off line and I will get it mailed out.

Stephen Dietrich:
John, I already have a 170/220 logo golf shirt from the very 1st time we did this some years ago. No need for me to hoard them. Thanks, Stephen


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