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John Ellis:
Here is the latest "What is This (WIT)? picture.  The contest for a free 170/220 logo golf shirt is to guess the 170 or 220 item pictured.  Contest is open to everyone, except those that have won in the past year (keep the opportunity open for others).  If you have won this year and just can not hold back your guesses, you can participate by email to me, but of course no prize but the honor :)

For this month's contest please furnish the item description and the specific car model, i.e 170Va, 170DS, etc.

So .... let the guessing begin.

Clue - these are not mini French horns.

Just replaced my brake cables in the rear of my 1952 220.  These are part of the routing system for the cable.

John Ellis:
That was quick!   Yes, they are the pulleys for the hand brake that direct the cables to each of the rear brake drums.  Quite different than the hand brake system for the 170V and 170S models.

Send me by email your mailing address and shirt size (S, M. L, XL, XXL).

If anyone else has any WIT suggestions and pictures for future monthly contests also direct them to me by email. 

Charles Adamson:

Can you post a picture showing the complete assembly? Thanks.

I took mine apart and lubed them years ago. There is a metal wheel inside the two halves which rotates as the brake cable is used.


John Ellis:
I don't have a picture of the assembled pulley / guides, but if you will look at the technical section for the 220 parts manual you can see the parts numbered 38 thru 45 on page 202.  The WIT picture is the individual parts that make up the assembly near the rear differential.  There is a similar but different pulley / guide at each of the rear wheel drums also.  Thanks to Scott Montoney for posting a copy of the 220 manual that adds to the service manual that he posted earlier.


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