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What is This (WIT) - September 1, 2013

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John Ellis:
We will start out fairly easy on the first "What is This?" picture.  This one is used on all 170/220 models.  Good luck

inclusive the V models?

found it
oilpipe (tube/hose) for (Zentralsmierung)  central lubrication in Englisch?
nr 74

John Ellis:
That was quick!  Yes the are used on all models including the 170V models.  Different lengths for location and model type.

Jan .... send me by email your address and shirt size (US sizes S,M,L,XL, XXL) and I will send a 170/220 logo golf shirt.  Congratulations!

I already won a 170/220 golf shirt in the past.
And i still wear it by Mercedes meetings.
So  i give an other the chance to win.
With your permision i post an new "What is This?" picture.


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