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170D, Da, Db model description


Jim Axman:
(Charles Adamson)>> According to W. Robert Nitskie's book Mercedes-Benz production models 1946-1975 the 170Db had a wider rear track than the 170Da, 1360mm vs 1310mm, a hypoid rear axle, a larger windshield and smoother hoodline, and cover over the windshield wiper mechanism.

(Henry Magno)>>> the entire electrical system was 12 volt

(John Ellis)>>>  The 170D variant sold for  $3,180 US in 1953

The 170DS  was the "diesel" version of the 170Sb and sold for  DM 10,985 in 1952 - by comparison, the list price for a 1953_170DS was $3,590  US  Production units = (1952 = 6,734 units) (1953=6,251 units)


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